Helle Viking knife
Helle Viking knife
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Helle Viking knife

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The Original Viking knife made in Norway.

The Viking knife was created in 2009 by the designers at Helle in response to a request to create a working knife a Viking would have carried back in their day.   It was part of a fund raiser by a historical society to build a Viking long boat to sail around the world. Naturally, a Norwegian knife maker would know how to make  a Viking knife and they based it on the design of a knife dug up from a Viking grave at an archeological site.

 The blade is triple laminated carbon steel with a slight drop point with a Scandinavian grind.  Huh? What, grind?(see the care instructions below) The handle is curly birch in a simple Nordic shape with a full rat-tail tang (knife tang that is – not the astronaut orange juice) through the handle. One of the coolest things you will observe on the end of the handle is the tang is peened with a diamond leather patch that gives it that simple finish a Viking forger would have used to complete the handle attachment to the blade.

 It comes with a custom fit embossed leather sheath that hangs from a thong or belt and it is made in the same factory as the knives in Holmedal, Norway.

 Own a piece of history and have a sharp knife too!

Care of your knife

Like with anything you value, a bit of maintenance & care makes an item more valuable to you and to those you pass it down to.

  • carbon steel blades need a little oil applied to them to keep the rust away.  
  • Sharpening: 


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